Aquarium Articles

Choosing a Tank Choosing a Fish Tank : With the many different tanks to choose from, you can easily feel overwhelmed just walking into a pet store to purchase one. If you haven’t thought it out, you might not leave with the best tank for you or your fish. The first thing is to decide [...]

Fish Care 101 How exciting, you took the step you’re gonna be a mom or dad to a brand new family of fish!  Although your role will not be as involved as that of a cat or dog nanny, there are several important skills-such as aquarium set-up and maintenance-you’ll  want to master to ensure a [...]

Aquarium Health Benefits, Did you ever wonder if there’s actually a benefit to having an aquarium? There are! Studies have shown that keeping an aquarium helps people relax and can improve health.  For example, seniors who were provided with an aquarium had a surprising drop in blood pressure, and hyperactive children were calmed by watching [...]

Why is My Fish Tank Cloudy Keeping your fish tank running smoothly is the real challenge for many owners. Cloudy Fish tank water is a common problem but there are solutions. Dirty or Cloudy Water Fed up with dirty water? Same goes for your fish. Consider using a power filtration system, which literally makes the [...]

Whether in the house or in the office, an aquarium can bring serenity to life just by being in the room. You’ll find your eye is drawn to it numerous times over the course of the day, as it beckons you to pass a few relaxing moments watching the fish swimming around the home you [...]


f one has a healthy tank, where the plants are growing nicely and the temperature is controlled, they will rarely have any trouble with sick fish. However, a sick fish may be….

ALGAE ALGAE is usually the result of too much light. There are several types of algae, but the one most often encountered is the common Green Algae. This forms on the glass and detracts from the beauty of the aquarium. However, the water remains clear and certain fish relish it as an added delicacy. The [...]

THESE live bearers, when originally found in So. Mexico, were dirty, grayish fish, mottled and splotched. The wide variety of colors offered today show the result of careful breeding. They are graceful, showy fish and come in BlAnc, BLUE, GREEN, COLT) and RED. The RED PLATY has a deep red color that took years to [...]

SNAILS SNAILS are good scavengers in the aquarium and for this reason most tanks have one or two. They eat some of the excess food on the bottom and keep the glass sides of the aquarium free of algae to the best of their ability. Since they are known as plant eaters, it is not [...]

XIPHOPHORUS HELLERI SWORDTAIL OR HELLERI EASTERN Mexico was the original habitat of this fish. It has a striking appearance and lively ways that delight the aquarist. The original stock sold at the then fancy price of 10 dollars a pair. They were strongly overcast with iridescent green and had metallic green in the tail spike. [...]