Aquarium Algae

ALGAE is usually the result of too much light. There are several types of algae, but the one most often encountered is the common Green Algae. This forms on the glass and detracts from the beauty of the aquarium. However, the water remains clear and certain fish relish it as an added delicacy. The Kissing Gouramies, Mollies and Swordtails attack it immediately. Therefore, do not be in
rush to remove it as the fish may do the job for you.

Another type Algae is a very heavy, brownish color. Once entrenched in the tank, ft is very hard to remove. Even snails pass this by and to date the only fish who will attempt to eat it is the Kissing Gourami. To remove, the best implement on the market is the AQUARIUM Scraper. This species of Algae propagates rapidly arid should be removed quickly and thoroughly or it will occur again in several days.

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