Platies or Moon Fish

THESE live bearers, when originally found in So. Mexico, were dirty, grayish fish, mottled and splotched. The widePLATIES OR MOON FISH variety of colors offered today show the result of careful breeding. They are graceful, showy fish and come in BlAnc, BLUE, GREEN, COLT) and RED. The RED PLATY has a deep red color that took years to develop.

There are many hybrids of this species that have had a remarkable blending of colors, but the solid color PLATIES seem to be the most popular with the fanciers. The name Platypoecilia means “broad bodied” and Alaculatus means ‘spotted.” The males are about 1/1 inches and the females 2 inches. Another standout variation is the Gor,o HELMET BLACK PLAn. This is a shimmering black fish with a gold crown. Dr. Myron Gordon, of the New York Zoological Society, produced one of the latest variations to date by crossing a wild ‘COMET” PLATY to a domesticated GOLDEN one. By repeating this and selecting young vitIi individual markings, the result was the RED and GOLD WAGTAIL PLATY. This fish is red with black fins and golden sheen on body.

Truly a distinctive—looking fish and a tribute to the patience of the men who are constantly trying for new variations. The Piaty variatug created a sensation here on its arrival from Mexico some years ago. The name Variants means “varied” and it is indeed varied in color. Variations range from ORANGE to BLACK with BLUE Spots and RED TAns. Same length as the MACGLATUS, but, strangely enough, in this fish the males are as large as the females, but can easily be distinguished by the pointed anal on the male. Outstanding variations occur here. Truly a fish worth having. It is hardy and for short periods can stand a temperature as low as SO degrees. Very prolific.

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