Resources for Aquarium Hobbyist

Resources for Aquarium Hobbyist: One emerging resources for aquarium hobbyist and educators these days is the Internet.
As such I have decided to include some comments and links regarding web-based
resources in this edition. First of all I think the Internet can be a great source of
information for anyone looking for information on virtually any topic. However, as those
of you who use this resource will probably concur often it is difficult to find the exact
information you are looking for, and sometimes the quality of information is

There are quite a few good web pages that focus on the aquarium hobby on
the Internet however there also exist some very poor ones. One thing you must keep in
mind when considering any information you find on the Internet is the fact that
ANYONE can publish a page on the World Wide Web. This means that you can
sometimes find information that is either mistakenly incorrect or intentionally malicious.
Therefore, I suggest you always be careful and look for credible sources of information.

That said there are some really great resources out their for aquariums. On the Internet
there are some resources that even specifically cover the topic of aquariums in the
classroom. For instance Tetra, maker of a wide array of aquarium products, has a section
called Aquademics ( on their website that has a
list of educational activities designed for classroom use. Another great way to find a
large number of aquarium related links are by using web rings. Web rings are groups of
related sites tied together by a common navigational panel. Try visiting the Webrings
page ( and type in the word aquarium
or fish. Below I will list a few other sites that might be of interest to the aquarium

Informational Sites:
F.I.N.S (Fish information Service)

This is an archive of information about aquariums. It covers both freshwater and marine, tropical and
Aquarium Fish Magazine

Link to the site for a popular aquarium magazine.
Aquarium Fish Magazine

Link to the site for a popular aquarium magazine.
Aquarium Fish Magazine

A link about breeding and propogating marine fish and invertebrates.
Tropical Fish Atlas

A nice general aquarium resource.

A reef aquarium resource.

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